Moak Center For Healthy Aging

Dr. Moak

Welcome to the Moak Center for Healthy Aging’s website.   If you’ve come to this site, chances are you are concerned about your own mental health or that of someone you care about.  Has is been hard to get clear answers to your questions?   Have you felt lost regarding where to turn for good medical care or information?   I hope we can help.

The Moak Center is a geriatric psychiatry practice that is dedicated to clinical care, education, and teaching in the area of mental health and aging.  Through our group medical practice, the Moak Geriatric Psychiatry Associates, LLC, we provide high quality care to older adults with mental health problems.  The Moak Geriatric Psychiatry Information Center attempts to disseminate information about mental health and aging, covering the full range of topics from healthy aging to late-life mental disorders, including Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.  By navigating around our site, you can learn about our clinical services and policies, learning resources and products, and teaching activities.


Our Mission

Our mission is to improve mental health among older people.  We focus on healthy aging, prevention, wellness, and treatment of illness.  Our goal is to lessen the impact of mental health problems on quality of life in old age.


Our Care Philosophy

Mental and emotional problems are NOT a normal part of old age. The mission of the Moak Center is to help older people and their families to be as healthy as possible. While not all health problems of old age can be cured, something helpful usually can be done for patients and their families. Old people deserve to have knowledgeable and thoughtful care.

We are a patient-centered practice.  We use principles of comprehensive geriatric assessment and management to guide our evaluation and treatment of each unique patient-family situation.  Our team approach allows us to address the widest range of mental health problems that older patients face.

More information about our practice, including how to make and appointment, is available on this site.  Or call the main office of the Moak Center for Healthy Aging at (508) 366-2106.


Clinical Services

The Moak Center For Healthy Aging is a private practice located in Westborough, Massachusetts.   We provide team-based consultation, evaluation, and treatment of older adults with a wide range of mental health problems.  Often, these problems are related to, or caused by, other common health problems of aging.  Out approach is comprehensive and holistic.  We consider medical, neurological, psychiatric, functional, social, and family factors in trying to help our patients.  Because psychiatric problems in persons with diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and stroke, impact other members of the family, our approach is family oriented.


Moak Geriatric Psychiatry Information Center

An important part of our work involves providing our patients, members of their families, and the public with good, current, reliable, and easy to understand information about the problems that affect them.   We publish an online newsletter and have an article store of archived articles covering a range of topics in the area of mental health and aging.  You can click on Newsletter or Article Store to learn more about these offerings.  The Moak Center supports several other education activities as well.  Doctors in training from the University of Massachusetts Medical School come to The Moak Center for professional training in geriatric psychiatry.  And Professionals of the Moak Center for Healthy Aging are involved in teaching activities at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.  We also make presentations at regional and national meetings, offer programs to senior citizen groups in the community, and provide educational lectures to local geriatric services workers.  Click on Practice News to learn more about our recent activities.