The Moak Center specializes in geriatric psychiatry, a medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral problems of later life.  Geriatric psychiatrists are trained to consider contributions of general medical and neurologic disorders, medication, functional disability, and family and social factors, in the origin of mental health problems.  Geriatric psychiatry is a holistic medical speciality.




Geriatric psychiatrists treat a wide range of older patients seeking help with many different types of mental health problems of later life caused by a wide range of illnesses.   Older adults who seek help from a geriatric psychiatrist almost always have had good mental health throughout their lives.   The mental health problems they develop in late-life usually are caused by other illnesses.   Some of these include:

      -Alzheimer’s disease       -Stroke     -Parkinson’s disease     -Heart, lung, and kidney disease, and diabetes                                                                                                                   -Head injuries         -Vision or hearing loss       -Cancer

In other cases, stresses in late life, such as grief, retirement, and loss of independence may challenge a person’s ability to cope.   Treatment may help elders learn learn new ways to handle the life challenges of old age.   Sometimes problems of aging can lead to difficulties with alcohol or prescription sedatives or narcotic pain medications.   Geriatric psychiatrists help older patients address such problems as well.



-Diagnostic Evaluation      -Psychotherapy (counseling)     -Treatment with Medication      -Family therapy                                                          -Caregiver Counseling Consultation      -Coordination with Primary Care & other Specialists       -Guardianship & Legal Consultation

More information about our practice, including how to make and appointment, is available on this site.  Or call the main office of the Moak Center for Healthy Aging at (508) 366-2106.