Effective June 26, 2015, the Moak Center for Healthy Aging closed for patient care services. The team at the Moak Center worked hard for the past several years to prevent this from happening. Unfortunately, limitations of Medicare coverage, failure of fees to keep up from year to year, and ever-increasing administrative hassles, bureaucratic requirements, and penalties,  eventually became too much. The same forces that now make it impossible for us to stay open also account for the nationwide, dire shortage of geriatric specialists.

MEDICAL RECORDS:  You can request that your records be sent electronically to other healthcare providers. Please use the contact us page to send us a request.  In your message, include the provider’s name, location, and telephone and fax numbers.   You can requests copies of your records for yourself, but these must be mailed to you.  Please make sure to include your current address in your request, and allow 4-6 weeks.

BILLS:  Any outstanding questions about bills should still be called to our affiliated billing company Moak Associates at (508) 898-8650.