Topics in Geriatric Psychiatry

These articles cover topics that we have found to be of common interest to people beginning to deal with late-life mental health problems.  They will help you gain a better understanding of how such problems arise and how geriatric psychiatry can help.  You also will come to appreciate the limitations of the healthcare system when it comes to addressing geriatric mental health problems.  These articles are based upon actual discussions we have dozens of times per week with our patients and their families or caregivers.

To the extent possible, we attempt to present information that is evidenced based, that is, supported by creditable clinical research.  When such evidence does not exist, we present what we perceive to be the consensus in the field of geriatric psychiatry.  Keep in mind, however, that medicine is not an exact science and medical knowledge changes all the time.  We will try to make it clear whenever we make statements that represent the opinion of the Moak Center for Healthy Aging.

Please read as many of these articles as you like.  You are welcome to print them out for future reference and you can copy them to share with others.


These articles provide background information only.  Nothing published on this website should be taken as medical advice.  This information is designed to help you become a better healthcare consumer or advocate.  It is not a substitute for the individualized care provided in a doctor-patient relationship by a geriatric psychiatrist.